TPR Soft Rubber Launch Slingshot Chick


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Quantity: 10 pack lovely sculpt flick chicken flying chicken flingers stretchy funny rubber chickens, a sufficient quantity for your daily use; Easy to play: Pull, stretch, and fling these flick chickens; Eject it to the wall, let it roll down, the process is very funny; Or play it with your friends and see who shot further; Suitable for children over 10 years old; Material: TPR material allows availability for both children and adults, the rubber chickens toy is non-toxic and flexible (TPR is a non-toxic and environment-friendly material with hardness and dynamic viscosity allocated.The Turkey is soft and sticky, stretchable by hand and can be catapulted onto walls and glass.); Easy to wash: wash the stretchy chicken toy with soap and water when dirty; You can play it in any environment, easy to clean; Material: TPR; Size: 11.5 X 4.5cm/4.53 X 1.77; Age Appropriate: 10Y+.