360° Adjustable Showerhead Holder


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360° Adjustable: Swivel design is convenient to adjust the angle of the showerhead. Easy to control the water jetting position that you want. Hands-Free Design: Offer you an extra hand, keeping both hands FREE to take the shower! No more struggle with holding the showerhead and you can enhance the bathing efficiency & optimize relaxation with ease. Strong Adhesive: Stick tightly on the smooth wall. No more falling and slipping off! Easy To Install: Comes with adhesive back. Just clean the wall and stick it on. Install it in seconds! No need to drill the wall! Strong & Sturdy: Can hold up to 10kg. No need to worry about dropping off the showerhead. You can also hang a shower ball/ towel. Durable Material: Made of high-quality ABS plastic that is waterproof and anti-break for long-term use. Material: ABS, silicone; Size: 6cm x 14cm.